About Tin Tops


CSCC Tin Tops Series, this Series was started by the Classic Sports Car Club in 2005 and has become very popular and well-supported, particularly by novice racers. Cars range from the much-loved and iconic Mini Cooper S to the modern-day BTCC Renault Clio, Honda Civic Type R and Integra cars.

The class structure is based on engine size so that smaller cars can win in their class. Spectators can watch their favourite “hot hatches” being driven on the limit! This Series is for Saloon/Hatchback Cars, under 2 litres, 4 cylinder (non turbo/supercharged, except diesel). The Original silhouette is to be retained from all angles. Original engine, gearbox, and induction system type to be retained. (if fuel-injected, throttle bodies are allowed) Fuel-injected cars may run carburettors but NOT vice-versa. No sequential gearboxes under any circumstances. Original working Headlights must be fitted.

Class structure:

Class A: 1801cc to 2000cc (multi-valve) and all Turbo-Diesels
Class B: 1801cc to 2000cc (8V) and 1601cc to 1800cc (multi-valve)
Class C: 1601cc to 1800cc (8V) and 1401cc to 1600cc (multi-valve)
Class D: 1401cc to 1600cc (8V) and up to 1400cc (multi-valve)
Class E: Up to 1400cc (8V)
Class I: Invitation (Not eligible for awards)

Cars must run on MSA list 1A/1B treaded tyres.

There will be, under normal circumstances, a practice session of 20-minutes minimum which will allow time for 2 drivers to qualify, and Races, under normal circumstances, will be for 40-minutes. After 10-minutes and up to 25-minutes of the race each car must make a mandatory Pit Stop. For UK Races Qualifying and Race will take place on the same day. All outright race-winning cars will have a 30 second timed pit-lane penalty. This will be served in a pre-determined area of the pit lane SEPARATELY from the normal pit-stop manoeuvre. Subsequent wins will incur an extra 15-second penalty. These penalties will remain throughout the Season. Entries may be either one car with one or two drivers (single drivers have to get out of the car with both feet on the ground, first close the door and then get back in) or two cars with different drivers. These two car teams will be required to wait 1 minute after the first car comes to a halt before leaving their starting position in the pit lane. All drivers must be a member of the Classic Sports Car Club and each car must be registered. Awards are given at each round: - Overall Winner, 1st in Class with 3 starters, 2nd in Class with 5 starters and 3rd in Class with 8 starters.


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