Carls 208 GTi 30th Edition


208 GTi 30th Edition shell was purchased, sadly the car was too damaged to use so engine was used along with some other parts.


Interior was in very good condition so it was all sold.

So after a lot of consideration the shell was not useable so a second 208 GTi was purchased.


This shell had some very light damaged to side skirt, rear arch missing and rear bumper.

Interior removed including the heavy dash.


Main steering column bar removed from the dash.

Dash bar cut down, and all heater matrix and heater box all removed.


Full Scorpion 2.5inch stainless exhaust

K and N airfilter purchased


Airtec front mount intercooler kit!

Engine bay cleaned ready to paint.


Lots of wiring and ecus removed!

All un-used brackets removed and engine bay prepped ready to paint.


Rear arches all painted

Front arches and subframe painted


Engine bay painted

12kgs of un-used brackets, seat mounts, roof bar etc removed!


Roll cage going in, trial fitted seat and dash, just a few more bars to go!

Front doors cut


Roll cage and interior painted.

Dash fitted, some switches fitted.


All ready to get some paint on

first bits of colour added!


Doors painted

All back together


Rear end painted blue

Fibre glass tailgate

fibre glass bonnet


Fibreglass tailgate fitted

More painting of Tailgate and Rear bumper


Coming together now


Engine loom and ECU

Engine back in

Intercooler fitted


Dash , switches and wiring pretty much done!

Wheels painted satin black

Windows all in and look great! Wheels painted, tyres fitted and tow hooks fitted!

headlights now in and working!


ECU mounted, airfilter fitted.


Bonnet and bumper fitted.