Carls 306 BTCC

Car Specifications
Peugeot 306 GTi-6 Group "N" + specification.

Car design and built
Peugeot Sport/Bowmen Racing

Engine built
Peugeot Sport/ Richard Longman Ltd

5 speed dog box with limited slip plate type differential

Front- McPherson strut, 3 way adjustable built by Penske
Rear- a specially designed unit built for Peugeot Sport Bowmen by Solution F

295mm vented front discs with AP Racing Four piston calipers. Standard solid rear discs with AP Racing two piston calipers. Mintex F4R pads.

Data Acquisition
Pi system III+

Engine Management
ECU by EFi Italy

Fuel Cell
FT3 specification with quick fill by ATL laboratory

Speedline multispoke 7x15inch

Dunlop and Bridgestone later

Without driver 996kg


Carls 306 BTCC was raced in the 2001 AA British Touring Car Championship production class by Norwegian race driver, Roger Moen.  It was built by Bowmen Motorsport and run by the race team HTML. There were 2 cars run with the second car being driven by Simon Harrisson, they were very successful and finished 1st and 3rd in the championship.


In 2004 Matt Collins brought the car


He ran it for several years in the Scottish Sports and Saloons championship and did various track days and shows with it


I brought the car towards the end of 2009


So far I have only used the car for track days and shows and it was stickered back up as it was when it first raced for this reason

For the history of the 306 BTCC Production car click here....

After doing a Trackday in 2012, the engine became very smokey, the car was going to need a lot of work doing to it to make it ready to race in the Tin Tops series, below is the progress of work which has been done to it

Engine was removed

The engine was stripped to find worn rings, badly worn bores and the head gasket was blown in a couple of places so not good.

Sump was removed, and the very expensive crank and rods were revealed.

New piston rings were fitted, bores were lined and everything checked and rebuilt.

The P I dash/data logging system and EFi engine management was removed as its hard to get mapped and do anything with as not many people deal with it.

The air jacks and carbon footwells lining were also removed to save weight.

Jenvey throttle bodies along with Omex 600 management fitted which is easy to set up and map, a Race technology dash was also fitted.

All the wheels were refurbed and repainted.

Now a lot of thought went into if to change the colour, as the paint on the roof had bubbled so the car needed painting anyway. I wanted to keep it original but there is many red cars out there, where as the Linford Green of my other car really stands out! You can see it anywhere it is on track easily, so it was for this reason that it was desided to change the colour.

Just after painting a cheap carbon fibre bonnet came my way, but sadly it didnt look great against the green. So I had the idea of sticking all the sticker on the bonnet and then painting it green, then pull the stickers off the reveal the carbon, then lacquering the whole thing to make it flat and shiny again.

The front panel was cut down to make a 306 Maxi style air box to collect lots of cool air from the grille area. The airbox was made from srcatch out of aluminium.

The whole car was then stickered up to match the others, the roof squiggle was refitted as the car always had that and so you cant tell the difference between this car and the other green one.

Due to the vibrations from the engine the airfilter did not last, so it was replaced with one from a 306 Maxi Rallye Car