Daves 306 GTi6

Digital clocks, with steering wheel


Fire extingusher installed behind Drivers seat

Fire Extinguisher pull cord installed on Dash

Fire extinguisher nozzle installed over engine

Fire extinguisher installed in Drivers footwell


Alloy battery box with jump leads plug attached to side of passenger footwell

Name sticker applied to rear window glass

Race number 66 placed in number box.

Race number 66 placed into number box on both doors

Novice sticker on rear bumper


Pugsport Logo sticker placed onto Glovebox carbon panel


Work is now complete on Daves 306 but over the season some changes will be happening so watch this space !

Front wishbones with added adjustable ball joints to allow adding of negative camber with uprated bushes added

Solid rear beam mounts ready for new rear beam

LSD Fitted to gearbox

New 406 Brembo 4 pot brake calipers


New 4 Pot Brembos and discs fitted along with some racing pads

After a nasty accident at a track day at Castle Combe a lot of repair had to be done to get the car decent again

More images of damage

The car was then de-stickered ready for the repair work to commence

Boot floor cut out and new panel welded in

Repair work then started on the outside

The car was then given a coat of paint before wrapping

The car then had lots of wrapping and finally the stickers were applied



The car finished at Pugsport Racing premises

Daves 306 at the race ready and waiting

This car has now been retired and all of its parts sold, New project now built Peugeot 106 GTi