Track Days and Shows

French Car Show - Sunday 17th June 2012 - Donnington park

This show happens every year for all French makes of car, this year it was held at Donington Park, so we both decided it would be great to get both cars on the track, Carl had done loads of track days and some races prior to this, but it was Dave's first track day. The weather started off dry, after drivers briefing we both got onto the track, it was the first time Dave’s 306 had even been on a proper race track so it was first for car and driver. The day went very well especially how greasy it was even Dave’s 306 was holding out with P6000's on.

Just before our track time finished we had some rain which made it interesting for both of us.

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Pugfest - 1st July 2012 - Prescott Hil, Gloucestershire

This show/hill climb is run by Peugeot Sport Club, this was our first year we had a stand with both cars on display.

Every year this show is popular with Peugeot owners, Dave decided to go up the hill climb several times in his Peugeot 306.

Track Day @ Brands Hatch - 22nd October 2013

Dave Roberts always wanted to do Brands Hatch as a Track Day, so with Carl in agreement and a new driver Shah who will be joining Dave next year in his 306 in the tin tops series, the three of us were in agreement and the day was booked at a cheap cost.

The weather was damp to start off with and by nearly dinner break it was extremely wet, we were all on Toyo R888 tires so we all had some sideways action. Later on on the afternoon the Track dried out and we started to get some grip and were really enjoying our day.